Houston premiere of “Neshoba: The Price of Freedom”

We are honored to invite you to the Houston premiere of the award-winning documentary “Neshoba: The Price of Freedom.” Director Micki Dickoff will be oh hand to discuss the history the film depicts and the current status of voting rights in this country. The premiere will be held on Friday, September 19 at 7 pm at the University of Houston Science and Engineering Building (SEC 100), 3881-3891 Holman Street. Admission is free. Please join us for this exciting film premiere.

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One Response to Houston premiere of “Neshoba: The Price of Freedom”

  1. Erskine Payne says:

    I plan on being there to see how much is the real story as I was born there and spent the first 30 years of my life there. And all those Hollywood films were so full of false dramatics.

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